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Firemen Visit

Having a go

The Year 2/3 and 3/4 classes were treated to a visit from some firemen from the Kensington Fire Station. They talked with us about fire safety, including different types of fires and emergencies, the importance of having working smoke alarms in your home, and a safe meeting place for the family outside the home if there is a fire. We were amazed at how quickly firefighters can put on their protective clothes when they are called to go and fight a fire. We were very impressed to see all the safety equipment on the fire truck, including the “jaws of life” that help free people who might be trapped in their car. The children were all very excited to have a go at using the fire hose, which is harder than it looks! The student comments indicate that they remember many important points from the presentation.

“The fire truck came into the school ground and they showed us inside the fire truck and what they use in emergencies.” – Belle 

“We learnt that if your smoke alarm goes off at night, you should roll out of your bed, crawl down low and call out ‘Fire, fire’, so your family hears.” – Nadia

“Firemen go to fight many different fires – building and house fires, bush fires and chemical hazard fires. It was hard for me to operate the fire hose; you have to be really strong!” – Cullen

“My favourite part was when I got to act as an example of what to do when there’s a fire.” – Ruth

“A highlight was when we used the fire hose. You can adjust the power of the water and I pulled the lever all the way back to make it very powerful.” – Cody

“I liked seeing the inside of the fire truck and all the equipment they use. I also liked how the firemen could pull up their protective clothes so fast and get ready to go to an emergency.” – Clarissa

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