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Features of an Environment: Geography Fun in Year 1

It was another fun-filled day in Year 1!

This semester we are focusing on Geography in our integrated/inquiry program. We have been looking at the different environments around us and how each environment has different features.

Last week we explored: Natural, Built and Managed places and environments and some features that we may see in those places.

A new concept the Year 1 students have been looking at is managed environments: places and features created by God but which require people to maintain and manage it. For example: our school, parks, farms, playgrounds and so on.

The Year 1s came together to discuss these different environments. We brainstormed about what each environment could look like and the students discussed what sort of features they might find in a Constructed, Natural or Managed environment. They could then join with a partner from the other class and had to pick an environment.

Once they had discussed with their partner about what they wanted to do we then started to create our ‘tri-orama’. A tri-orama is like a diorama, but in the shape of a tringle!

Students then had to decide what their background was going to be; for example, a cityscape if they were doing constructed, a tree/mountain landscape for Natural or both for Managed. They then drew their backgrounds with black textas and coloured the background in. Once that was complete, they could paint using edicol dye.

Then, to add the finishing touches! Students had to decide what features they may find in that environment: cars, birds, people, slides, bridges and so on.

They then created features and ‘propped’ them up and placed them on to their tri-orama.

Students were able to create and display artworks to communicate ideas to an audience, and describe how places have distinctive features. They were also able to experiment with different materials, techniques and processes to make artworks.

They all did an amazing job! Well done Year 1s!

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