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Father and Daughter Breakfast

On Thursday, 3 September, Rehoboth daughters and their fathers came together at the Wilson Campus to have a fantastic breakfast and some fun.

The girls enjoyed dressing their dads up in a tutu, tiara and gloves and assisting them to run the race of their lives. Dads were able to unleash their creative skills in designing a new hairstyle for their daughters. Some dads even consulted with each other on how to create the perfect plait (some fathers have missed their calling!). Daughters put on their journalist hats and asked dads some tricky questions about their school days – some daughters were excited to find out that their favourite subjects are the same as their dads.

Mrs Groenenboom gave a fantastic talk about Esther and how important dad-and-daughter relationships are. Finally, the girls put together some morning tea for their dads and sent them off to work. Everyone had a great time and it was wonderful to see dads and daughters have some time together. Thank you dads for letting your hair down and getting involved!

Mrs Rajanayagam

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