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Exciting Finish to Term 3 for Year 6

It was an exciting finish to Term 3 for the Wilson Year 6s, with many things happening.

First of all, the class performed a fantastic show for Years 3-5 on Monday, 12 September. The show was part of the project-based learning initiative across the school, with the Year 6 class voting to use their gifts and talents to perform a show for younger years. We have been exploring other countries and celebrating the wonderful diversity in the world.

The class decided to create a show to teach others about a country, and chose China. Each student found a topic they were interested in and set to work designing props and scripts. Managers helped each group, organised the schedule, introduced each item on the day and ensured the show went smoothly. The audience was treated to a history lesson, drama performance, sports demonstration, art and craft, cooking and dance. Each group did a wonderful job organising their item and performing on the day. Thank you to all the classes, parents and teachers who came to watch.

The school community was also invited to view the Year 6 projects on Monday, 19 September. As part of the “Australia and the World” theme in Year 6, students created a diorama and poster to reflect an aspect from a country of their choice. It was fantastic to see the creativity, attention to detail, use of colour and a variety of materials in their dioramas. Younger years enjoyed completing quizzes when they visited about the projects on display.

Finally, the class ventured into the city to visit the State Library of Western Australia on Wednesday, 21 September. They were taking part in a workshop to explore immigration. Each group was given a suitcase full of “clues” to help them work out who the suitcase belonged to. They studied evidence such as diary entries, old newspaper articles, personal items and photographs. Each group then presented their information to the class. We had suitcases belonging to a convict, “cameleers”, Vietnamese refugees, early farmers and post-WWII Dutch migrants. After enjoying morning tea basking in the sun and a quick play in the musical park, we were on our way back to school.

It was a wonderful way to finish the Term and students learnt a lot from each activity.

Mrs Fairbairn

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