Everyday Science in Year 1

Our Year 1s had some fun during our Chemical Sciences lesson, discovering how everyday materials can be physically changed in a variety of ways to create something new. Each child received:

• some play dough
• 1 matchstick
• 1 straw
• 1 paperclip
• 1 pipe cleaner

They were encouraged to manipulate and change their materials to create something new. Students discovered that materials could be changed in a variety of ways: cutting, bending, squishing, rolling.

Some of our wonderful creations included an electric circuit board, an echidna, a cat with ear muffs, a glass of juice with straw and handle, a pterodactyl, a cake, a person wearing a hat and playing with a rope and water gun, a couple of aliens, and many more. The children had fun being creative whilst learning about simple day to day science.


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