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47 Years with Rehoboth

On 18 February we had our first Endeavour Assembly for 2016. Wanting to continue the celebration of Rehoboth’s 50 years, we invited Mr Jan Peletier, our own Mr Peletier’s grandfather, to share with us about his 47-year involvement with Rehoboth.

It was so encouraging to hear that some of the values Mr Peletier Senior saw and endorsed back then are still ingrained in Rehoboth culture today. He commented on how important Christian Education was to him and his family, and how the development of character and godliness were essential goals back in 1969 when they joined the community. Still today we enjoy that legacy as students and staff, of being encouraged not just to be “good”, but also to grow in godliness in all aspects of life. This meant so much to Mr Peletier Senior that he sent his children to Rehoboth and they sent their children, and now one of them even works here in the Secondary School!

Standing up on the stage in the gym and looking around at all that has been built, and all the faces before him, Mr Peletier Senior could not believe how much things had changed since the first day he joined Rehoboth as a parent, only three years after Rehoboth first opened its doors. There are now two campuses, a Secondary school, a wonderful gym, school buses, and so many more children than when his children attended. It’s been such a blessing, he told us, to watch Rehoboth grow and flourish, and to be part of such an amazing thing that God is doing.

Mrs Stewart

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