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Emergency Services Cadets

As the academic year draws to a close, on behalf of all the Cadet Instructors at Rehoboth, I would like to thank the Cadets for their involvement and participation this year with Cadets.

The year of Cadets started out very enthusiastically with a great complement of students signing up, but we could not have imagined the changes we would go through. Sadly, the Australian Red Cross withdrew their support for the Cadet program state-wide; however, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services stepped in to support us, which required a name change from Red Cross Cadets to Emergency Services Cadets.

This will take our Cadets in a slightly different direction for 2017, but it has meant the Cadets could participate and enjoy the activities we were committed to throughout the year. The change also meant a postponement to the camp that was planned, but this will now happen in Term 1 next year as an acknowledgement for all those that worked hard in 2016.

The Rehoboth Emergency Services Cadets have enjoyed both practical and theory-based activities, undertaken some brainstorming and problem-solving situations, conducted fundraising events, planned and worked on a sensory garden for East Kenwick Primary School and conducted practical gardening activities for members of our school community.

Many students have learnt new skills and participated in activities that conventional schooling doesn’t reach, as well as had fun and supported each other in building community within our Cadet unit.

I would like to thank our Student Cadet Leaders, Heleema Rawlings, Nelson Nieuwkerk, Sean Gibbon and Jack Pleysier, for the responsibilities they gladly took on this year. It was great to see students across year groups intermingle in their Squads (smaller sections of Cadets), and particularly to see students that developed the responsibility of active involvement rather than passive attendance. Development of Teamwork and Leadership is fundamental to the Cadet program.

A massive thanks also to our great Cadet Instructors who often went above and beyond the call of duty: Mr Murray, Mrs James, Mrs Stewart and Mr Peletier.

Students that have not been a part of Cadets this year but would like to become members of the Emergency Services Cadet Corps in 2017 should see Mr de Bruyn or obtain an Application form from the Secondary Office. Cadets will start in Week 2 next year, again on Thursday afternoons in the gym between 3:15-4:45pm. We look forward to seeing both new and familiar faces then!

Mr de Bruyn

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