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Edu-Dance 2019 Enhanced with a New Venue

In the last week of Term 1 we once again held our Edu-Dance Concert and BBQ picnic. It was a little different this time, though, as we were able to use our new Gym, which certainly enhanced the whole evening.

There was a great community atmosphere as I wandered through the many families who had arrived early to spend some time with each other and to support the BBQ arranged by our Year 6 parents. There was a sense of excitement as the children went into their rooms for their final costume adjustments and then into the Gym. Then there was a hush as we thanked God for this opportunity and asked Him to help us do our best before that familiar “doof-doof” beat began.

The Pre-Primary students started the Concert. Each class did their best and it was soon time for the finale with the Year 6s. Each year students develop their skills and this was evident as each year level showed their improvement in sharpness, timing and coordination, and what anyone may have lacked in skill was made up for in boundless enthusiasm!

At our Concert, and throughout the practices, we celebrate the gifts of music and dance and are often amazed at our students who show a real talent for this aspect of our Physical Education curriculum. It is a wonderful opportunity for them to show their skill and passion and their God-given ability in this area. Many students love to practice at recess and lunch, encouraging each other to do their best. The final performance is always a highlight at the end of the Term.

Many thanks go to Carolyn, who teaches our students each year, the sound desk staff who ensured that we had the best sound ever, and to Mr van der Kooij for his outstanding attention to detail as he mixed the lighting!

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