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Drum Roll Please… It’s Year 9-10 Drama!

May I present to you, with an original soundtrack and song lyrics (yes I said song!), Rehoboth Christian College’s first-ever…

Original Musical

That’s right, the Year 9-10 Drama class are, as we speak (or read), planning out a musical.

If you’re a fan for being led by a tune, getting stuck into a song, or have an addiction to anything dramatic, then read on my friends! If you don’t like anything of the above, then, well I guess, read on anyway!

The Year 9-10 Drama class have been planning, cleaning, creating, and writing a musical based on the well-known folk tale ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’.

You probably read that list and went, ‘Cleaning? What does cleaning have to do with a musical?’ Never fear, dear reader; all will be revealed.

First, we had to come up with an idea for what the musical would actually be about. As a class we brainstormed and doodled, doodled and brainstormed, until we finally decided to go with the classic tale.
The next stage was to assign roles, because an original, from scratch musical doesn’t write itself! Once we had a full team of writers, composers, directors, designers and technicians, it was full steam ahead!

We all began planning out what we would need to do, with the composers and script writers having a high demand to get something on the page fast.

It was time, now, for the decontamination of the green room to happen! Lead by Team Leader Lady Rex (Miss Phillips), we fought our way through the many piles of rubbish*, cobwebs*, and – for some weird reason – a large quantity of fake foam ears.

By mid-term, the composers and scriptwriters had enough material for auditions to happen. This meant it was now time for everyone to get on their dramatic characters and their brilliant singing voices. As we close out the term, the script is finished, roles are assigned, and we have a lot of work left to do.

Hamelin, as we have named it, will be performed in the Kenwick Gymnasium at 12:15pm on Thursday 3 December. We are looking into the possibility of a night time performance as well.

*Please note: This is an exaggeration. Mr Dougherty cares for our safety and would never let us have to deal with these type of things.

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