Discovering Patterns in Pre-Primary Red

In Mrs Mubanga’s Pre-Primary class this term, students have been invited to explore and discover patterns that can be found everywhere if you are paying attention!

We wondered:

  • What makes a pattern?
  • What can we learn from patterns?
  • In what ways do human behaviours reflect patterns?
  • What do patterns and order reveal about the character and nature of God?
  • Where do we see patterns that extend beyond physical creation?

We went searching for patterns – patterns you can see, feel, hear, and even sing! We then set about creating and copying one another’s patterns. We made patterns out of blocks and loose parts, collage patterns, Lego patterns, letter patterns, number patterns, and even rhythmic and musical patterns.

We also revised the Bible stories we have been studying in the Old Testament this term and realised there are a few patterns of redemption woven through:

  • God promised a rescuer to Adam and Eve after the original sin
  • God rescued Noah and his family from the flood of judgement
  • God rescued Joseph from being imprisoned for something he did not do and then used him to rescue many from famine
  • God gave the Israelites Moses to rescue them from slavery in Egypt.

What is a pattern? Sin enslaves and God saves. And His greatest rescue plan came to fruition on Jesus, the one who rescued us from bondage to sin and death.

I wonder…. where is it that you notice patterns popping up in your life? How many patterns can you see woven through the Biblical narrative? Perhaps you could make some pattern artworks with your family as you praise the One who creates and sustains a multitude of order and patterns in our marvellous world!


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