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A Date with Dad: Pizza in the Park

What’s in the box with the dots? Yummy pizza of course!


In fact, on Saturday 20 October, despite the grey skies and drizzly clouds, a whole bunch of very excited Kindy and Pre-Primary children descended on Mills Park with their AWESOME dads in tow to consume a whole stack of delicious PIZZA!


We had dads of all shapes and sizes come and join in the fun and fellowship!


Did Mrs Botha bring her dad? No, of course not! That is Mr Botha!


Whilst the dads did all the chit chatting…


…the kids did all the playing!

Then the pizza arrived! One box, two boxes, 10 boxes… 20 boxes, 30 boxes or more! Wow, these dads can eat a lot!


We said “thank you” to God for our yummo pizza before we tucked in! It was cool to sing our “Thankyou Song” with ALL the deep voices of our dads!

We also gave a cheer or two for our most awesome dads who had to leave the lawn mowing at home 😉 (as well as mum and all the other kids! 😥) to come and join us on a sacred Saturday arvo! Thank you dads for the love you show us in spending time together! 😘


Munching on pizza with our friends is just the BESTUS!


Thankyou dads for BLESSING us…

…shall we do it again next week?! 😉😝


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