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Cryptic Clues and Spare Part Puppets in Freo

On Thursday 19 July the Year 5/6 Blue class went on an excursion to Fremantle. The first part of the excursion required groups to find answers to cryptic clues while walking through the historical parts of Fremantle.

“It was fun having a tour and actually looking for answers, not pointlessly wandering around the town. It felt like we were detectives looking at statues, going through tunnels and reading bits of information. I really loved the hot chocolate that we had along the way and I also enjoyed taking silly photos with the team” – Celine

Upon arrival at Pioneer Park we enjoyed a leisurely lunch and worked out which team had scored the most points. The winners ate victory Krispy Kremes after visiting the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre.

“My favourite part of the excursion was going to Spare Parts Puppet Theatre and watching the play” – Aaron

“What I liked the most about our excursion was going to the theatre and seeing the people perform. It was fun to see, and there was a lot of unexpected themes throughout the performance of ‘The Farmer’s Daughter’” – Marcus

“What I liked most about the play was how the Farmer’s Daughter (Daisy) spoke eloquently and how well she acted. The other actors also acted well but they did not talk (that was kind of weird for me), but overall I really liked it” – Constance

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