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Creativity and Play: Enjoying Our Earn and Learn Rewards

It was with much excitement that we received our Woolworths Earn and Learn products from 2019.

The products were presented in the first week of school. With all the stickers we collected we were able to get some fantastic outdoor games for our triangle area and the new gym, as well as some new games for the library which the children are already making use of at lunchtimes.

Outdoor garden games included are Giant Jenga, Dominoes, Noughts and Crosses, Hopscotch, Checkers and Fairground Target.

We also bought some lovely outdoor cushions for the children to relax on as well as a huge outdoor mat.

Indoor games include, Battleship, Rush Hour, Jumping Frogs, Labyrinth, CodeMaster and some new puzzles.

A huge thankyou to all families, friends, and relatives who participated and supported our school. Thanks also to Mrs Rajanayagam and the Year 6 class of 2019 who faithfully collected stickers, stuck them on sticker sheets, and tallied them weekly. This made the final process of ordering so much easier.

We have been actively working in our outdoor play areas so that all students have access to play equipment, whether that be sporting equipment, the playground, water play, or creative play. Last year we focused on the loose part in the triangle area and we are looking forward to many hours of fun with these exciting new games.

One of our Biblical Threads is ‘Reflecting Creativity’. These additions to our outdoor activities assist students in exploring their own creativity, reflecting our Creator God. Another Thread is ‘Relishing Play’, which helps us to recognise that God provides good things for us in the area of leisure.

‘It is play that nurtures our imagination and creativity, playing around that enables us to put together ideas that have not been put together before. Messing around in the world, getting our hands dirty, allows us to experience creation […] to make connections and see relationships that we otherwise would not have encountered’ (Blomberg 2007).

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