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Creating Music Together

If you happen to walk past the Kenwick Upper Primary block during lunch on a Tuesday, you would probably hear some amazing music drifting from the Music Room. That would be the sound of our Year 5-6 Band busy rehearsing and creating music together! Let us introduce you to some of our wonderful musicians:

“I have been playing the guitar for the last five years or so. My favourite style is rock. My Dad first taught me how to play the guitar at home and then I started guitar lessons at school. I like playing in the Band because I get to create music with my friends” – Andrew

“I’ve been playing the violin since I was 6. At first, it was a bit tricky to get the timing of the bowing and the finger work right. Now, I really like playing vibrato on my violin” – Ahva

“My instrument is very deep and low. It is called a bass guitar. You play it by picking the strings. It’s a bit different to an acoustic guitar because it has four strings and the instrument is really heavy!” – Caleb

“I keep the beat on the drums. Sometimes it’s difficult to get the rhythm right but it becomes easier when I go home to practice. I like listening to other instruments in the Band” – Sunny

“I play the keyboard in the Band. I create nice harmonies by playing chords. I like that we all get to share our talents in the Band!” – Sally

“I play an instrument that anybody can play. It is the voice! I have been singing for a very long time and I really enjoy it because it is fun” – Lovenia

“I’m a guitarist in the Band. I’ve been playing the guitar for six years and I have three different guitars at home! I really enjoy playing rhythm guitar” – Ivan

“I play the violin. I like the violin because it is really different to the piano. You can change the sound a lot. My favourite Band song is ‘Better is One Day’” – Izabella

“My job in the Band is to lead the singing. I’m not that used to singing in front of people but singing with the Band has given me a lot more confidence!” – Divine

“I have been playing the piano for seven years and I really enjoy it because you get to improvise and it sounds really nice with other instruments. It’s not too good when I hit the wrong note but I enjoy playing together with others in the Band” – Celine

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