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Titration Competition: Congratulations to Our ‘Excellent Team’

The State Final of the Titration Competition took place last night and we're pleased to report Rehoboth did extremely well!

In the individual category, Year 11 students Sarah Naylor and Micah Randall each won Gold medals and Chris Holmes narrowly missed Gold by 0.000002 units and received the Silver medal.

Judging the competition is a complex process –  the number of moles of potassium hydrogen phthalate are entered on a results sheet. This value is then subtracted from the correct value, and the difference squared. These squares are then added to the three team members. The winning team is the one for which the sum of the squares is the smallest, but teams are also recognised for the category their results fall into – a score of 1000 or less is an ‘Excellent Team’, between 1001-1500 is ‘Highly Commended’.

As a school team, we were classified as an ‘Excellent’ and ranked 4th.

The team’s results will now be entered into the National Final and we will hear of our nation-wide ranking in a few days’ time.

We would also like to acknowledge Faith and Cheryl, who have been faithfully supporting the team as reserves and definitely deserve the recognition.

Our students performed brilliantly during the State Finals. They are the only Year 11 team among the sea of Year 12 elite school students. The judges were very impressed by their competency in titration to make it to the State Final as Year 11s. When all the teachers and coordinators heard about the amount of practice they have put in over the last few months, they were totally blown away.

More significantly, our students demonstrated wonderful Christian mannerism during the night. They even helped their competitors across the bench when they struggled in such a highly competitive event, and they graciously thanked all the coordinators at the end of the night of their own initiative. It is again a reflection of the maturity of Rehoboth students.

Responding to the great news, our Secondary Principal, Mrs Louwen, said that ‘The diligence put in by Mr Yu and the Year 11 team was a true testament to their desire to rise to the challenge, which resulted in a great outcome of achievement in so many areas of life for each member of the team’.

The outcome is a true recognition of the team’s hard work, dedication, commitment, excellent teamwork and spirit the students have shown as individuals and as a team. Please do congratulate and celebrate such achievement with our students.

Last of all, I want to thank you for all your support, encouragement and prayers in the past few months.

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