Community Planting at Kent Street Weir

Community Planting 001On Wednesday, 17 June, the Year 3 and Year 6 students went on an excursion to the Kent Street Weir. We went to create a natural habitat for the wildlife, by planting little shrubs. It was very muddy and our shoes were covered in dirt.

We planted a total of 2,258 plants between the two classes. Our favourite part was getting all the empty plant pots and making a long snake. We interviewed some Year 3 students to see what they enjoyed:

“I liked the machine that dug holes and that we could plant 2258 plants.” – Akira, Year 3/4

“My favourite part was planting the shrubs. What I found interesting was discovering water in the ground. I rate it 10/ 10.” – Laurel, Year 2/ 3

“I really enjoyed planting the trees and I’d love to do it again.” – Elijah Year 2/ 3

“I liked going in the mud with my gumboots. I had a fantastic time and I would love to go back again.” – Olivia Year 3/ 4

“I liked planting the trees and I found 6 witchetty grubs. I liked using the hole digger and crossing the bridge.” – Sharon Year 2/ 3

“My favourite part was planting the shrubs in the ground near the river. I liked playing in the playground.” – Jek Year 3/ 4

Bella, David, Jack, Josiah, Megan and Ryan


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