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Climb the Rigging, Swab the Deck! Aye aye,Captain! Leonora Day 4-5

If you’re wondering about our post titles, listen to our theme song by Colin Buchannan, 'Are You Serving Cap'n Jesus'

Day 4: Tuesday 1 October

Sooooo, Tuesday. We had lots of fun with the kids. They are starting to actually like me (Brijill). The morning session was all about the ‘C’ of ‘Courage’. We watched the puppet, Bible and Watt family skits which the kids really enjoyed, and then we did activities with the kids in our group all about courage. The afternoon session we both did crafts and face painting (Chelsea is good with face painting, while Brijill is not so good and felt bad for the two kids).

The night session was games night and was really fun. We all set up our own activities and challenged their teamwork skills . We’re going stargazing tonight!

Chelsea and Brijill

Day 5: Wednesday 2 October

Wednesday marks the middle of the program. So far it has been a fantastic week and I couldn’t be more proud of the effort our Year 10 students have put into every aspect of the program. They have put on some wonderful plays, skits and games, and have been whole-hearted in giving their all for the kids out here.

Mr Taylor

Today was chaos. The first two days hadn’t been that bad, we were still getting used to the kids but we could handle them, but today we brought out stickers. Two minutes later my whole face was covered with stickers and my hat was three tons heavier from the thousands of stickers on it.

Even though it was very busy it was also very, very fun. I ended up playing sticker chasey all around the gym with the girl who had done most of the sticking. We also brought out a big brown sheet of paper with an ocean theme drawn onto it that the kids could colour and put stickers onto.

In the next session of the day I was on crafts and got an amazing manicure. I got eight different colours and most of the people that walked out of that room had fabulous nails, courtesy of me and my good pall, Barry.

We ended the day with a parent-child night where some of the parents came along with their kids. They played team games with all the parents and leaders. Unfortunately, I had to sit some of it out because I had a record breaking blood nose (all good now though!).

All the kids went home happy and very tired and we are ready for tomorrow.

Zac Blenny

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