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Clay Explorations in Kindy Blue

In Kindy Blue, we love exploring and learning, and were most excited when Mrs Ong gave us a chance to discover a new material… CLAY!

It looked a little like playdough, but is it the same?

We rolled it, poked it, squished and squeezed it with our fingers, smelt it, and looked at what it did to our hands. It turned them brown!

The clay was definitely harder and messier than playdough and became “muddy” when we added a little water as it was too dry.

We have been reading about how God created the whole world using only His words. On Days 4 and 5, God created birds and fish and on Day 6, God created animals. What a wonderful opportunity to use the clay to sculpt some animals!

We added a variety of “loose parts” such as matchsticks, feathers, nuts and fur. The Kindy children set to work most enthusiastically to do some of their own “creating” with clay. We used our imaginations to think about the body parts of our chosen animal and its distinctive features such as spikes, legs, beaks, long necks and wings. It was very tricky making the clay stick together, and some of us were very clever in balancing our animals so that they could stand up on their own.

Have a look at our wonderful creations!

We LOVED exploring the CLAY! And it got us thinking… what else could we use it for?

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