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Christian Character and Worldview: When is the Right Time for My Kids?

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I’d like my child to attend Rehoboth but I’ve heard that you have an “open to Christians only” policy. What does this mean?


We believe that, to partner fully with our parents, we need to understand and believe the same truths of the Bible. We need to share a Christian worldview so that our children learn to understand that this is God’s world and that He is sovereign over it.

When we start with the premise that God created a perfect world and man sinned and thus broke the perfect relationship we had with Him, we can begin to see that we are sinful and will do sinful things. We also know, however, that God sent His Son to redeem us and, knowing this, we begin to work together with parents to help children understand themselves as they grow.

When we are one in Christ, it becomes our shared desire to teach our children what it means to live for Jesus.

We want them to develop Christian character – not just good “morals” or “values” which are dictated by the world, but a perspective that helps them to respond to Jesus’ love in love and service to Him. We want them to see the world as God sees it and then to help them learn to engage with it and its people and eventually to become influencers of its culture.

I’ve heard it’s best to put my children into a Christian School for their Primary years education, to give them a good grounding. When is the best time to enrol them?


I think it is important to enrol them at Kindergarten level and to do this in good time as we often find our classes filling up quickly each year!

You have already started your child’s journey of learning about God and His world while they have been home with you.

You have begun to tell them Bible stories, taught them to pray before meals and bed, started to help them to understand who they are in Christ and what He has done for them.

As part of your responsibility towards your children you have taken them to your church community, perhaps in crèche or Sunday School or Kids Church or just with you as a family.

The next logical step is to ensure that the good work that has been started now continues as they spend over six hours a day at school.

From Kindy to Year 12 at Rehoboth, your child will build on the knowledge and principles that you have begun to teach them. From the very beginning, through to the end of the schooling, the way that they view the world will be through the lens of God’s Word – that Christian perspective that we talk about so much.

The lessons that they have learnt from you and at church will be consolidated and developed over the course of their education so that they begin to have a clear picture of their place in God’s world.

Having said that – it is never too late to invest in Christian Education at Rehoboth!

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