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Challenges and Memories: Leonora Mission Trip Day 5

Day 5 came with some unexpected challenges to overcome, but nevertheless the team forged many more happy memories as they shared with the kids of Leonora.

So, this morning started off great with Jason’s amazing devotions that he had been working on for two days. It was on how God made us with two ears, so it must be important. I found it truly amazing. This is one of the two good parts of my day.

For the morning session, about five kids just did not want to do the things that the other kids were doing. Chris was able to have a talk with one of the kids for a bit, which was good. The other four kids went and joined other groups and I had to go and get them.

The second best part of today was the parents evening. There were a lot more parents there than I thought there would be tonight. It was quite successful, and a ton of fun for everyone. Most of the parents got involved in all of the games, and all of the kids wanted to be part of all of the games.


What a day! It was intense, it was challenging, it was rewarding, it was chaotic, but overall, it was fantastic.

Session 1 was different. The kids actually cooperated with us, it was a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. I felt like I really connected with the kids finally, not just a few of the kids, but a whole variety, from the little kids to the big kids. I was having great fun.

Then all of a sudden it was done, and it was time for Session 2, which kicked off with a game of volleyball in the park. Everyone was shining in happiness and it made me realise why we come here, to give these kids some joy, some love and just some good times. But like session 1, it was all over.

But hey, we still had Session 3 to worry about, which was the parents nights. The kids were keen to beat anyone who was older than them and it was a good night and everyone seemed to have fun. But then that was over, but then it wasn’t – fights erupted between some of the kids and they were at each other’s throats. But thank you Praise, Axyle and Chris for saving the situation for us.

Wednesday has drawn to an end. It started off great and ended interestingly, but I hope we can glorify God in all that we do and tell these kids about Jesus in the limited time we have.


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