Celebrating Pi Day with Tetrahedral Kites

Pi Day is a tradition which has been celebrated at Rehoboth for 11 years.

We celebrated Pi Day on Friday 12 March. This is a tradition which has been celebrated at Rehoboth for the last 11 years since Miss Smoker joined the school in 2011. Each year the Maths staff have designed activities for the students to engage in, no matter their ability in Maths. This year, the focus was on a STEM project, involving group work, problem solving and hands on construction to build a kite based on Sierpinski Tetrahedron (triangular based pyramid).

The tetrahedral kite is made up of tetrahedrons. A tetrahedron is a polyhedron with four triangular faces and six edges. The triangular faces are all equilateral triangles. Because of its rigidity, the triangle is the strongest geometric shape, making the tetrahedral kite sturdy enough to fly.

The Yr 7-10 students had an hour within their year group to build a tetrahedron using straws and string, and then put 4 tetrahedrons together to create a larger tetrahedron. The Year 10 class was given the challenge to build a larger tetrahedron by putting together a total of 16 smaller pyramids.

Success was varied, with not much wind for the Year 7 and 8 classes. However, as the wind picked up in the afternoon, we managed to get some of the kites for the Year 9 class to fly. There was also an incredible success of one of the Year 10 groups (Georgia Strickling, Alexandra Verkerk, Samantha Ng, Malia Selman) who got their larger kite to fly in a spectacular fashion. For many of our students, it was their first time flying a kite.

Thank you to the Maths Staff, Miss M Smoker, Mrs M van Wyk, Miss D Holloway and Mrs R Scott for their efforts in organising and running the day so well.


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