Celebrating our Grandparents

We were delighted to be able to host our grandparents for Afternoon Tea followed by an Assembly in which all students participated. It was a wet and windy afternoon, but we were quite comfortable in the Multipurpose Room, although we are looking forward to being able to hold our special events in the Gym in the not-too-distant future!

Grandparents were also able to have a look at their grandchildren’s work and I am sure that they enjoyed this immensely.

As a fellow grandparent, I consider it a privilege to be able to, in a sense, have another go at helping to raise the next generation. I am sure that, like me, other grandparents love the opportunities we have to speak into their young lives. We often talk about the partnership the school has with our parents and churches and that, when they all work together in harmony, children have a great foundation on which to build their faith. Grandparents are part of this community.

May I encourage all grandparents to continue to spend time with your grandchildren – read to them, tell stories about their parents and yourself to create that sense of history. Teach them to do some of the things that you love to do – crafts, gardening, woodwork, cooking, fishing and so on.

But more importantly, remind them constantly of God’s saving grace – of His unconditional love for them – and model that love yourselves as you spend time with them. Teach them God’s ways and show them how He is present in every single part of their lives, just like we do here at Rehoboth.

For me, being a grandparent is a source of endless joy and satisfaction and I hope that this is the case for you as well.

The students did a marvellous job of sharing their items which included some tips on how to babysit Grandad; some great songs including “Chattanooga Choo Choo” by the Choir, some thougths on what grandparents mean to us, as well as some wonderful words to describe them. It is always a pleasure to see the students perform and they were certainly a credit to their teachers as they did so.


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