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Library Literacy

We have had a lot of fun in Literature classes in Semester 1.

In the Year 3 Literature class we have enjoyed escaping into the world of Narnia. The children were enthralled by the action and adventure in the story of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis, and recreated a map of Narnia, highlighting the major events in the story. We did a character study on the main characters…

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Mystery Solved

The Wilson Pre-Primary students have engaged in a mysterious investigative journey all of Term 2. It all began one day at the beginning of the Term, when we discovered footprints and a big mess in our classrooms and kitchen as we came back inside from recess.

We collected the evidence and became detectives and forensic scientists as we examined each clue that was left behind and made conclusions about out visitor. The visitor came back…

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Whiteman Park

Last Thursday, the Year 1 and 2 students took the great trek to Whiteman Park near the Swan Valley. There was much excitement on the bus, and after many “are we there yet(s)?” we finally arrived! We had recess in the beautiful grounds, and then we were split into two groups.

Group One went to an old school house where they were shown the gentle-natured Blue Tongue Lizard and sleepy Bobtail Lizard. The…

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Rocket Science

Last Friday, Mr Hobday came to teach us how to make hovercrafts and rockets. Firstly, he asked us what a mechanical engineer does. I said that they build rockets and robots.

Then, Mr Hobday showed us how to make hovercrafts. We stuck the pop-top lids on a CD and tightened a balloon on. Then, we blew it up and let it go.

Next, we went to the oval to make a rocket. It was so…

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Community Planting at Kent Street Weir

On Wednesday, 17 June, the Year 3 and Year 6 students went on an excursion to the Kent Street Weir. We went to create a natural habitat for the wildlife, by planting little shrubs. It was very muddy and our shoes were covered in dirt.

We planted a total of 2,258 plants between the two classes. Our favourite part was getting all the empty plant pots and making a long snake. We interviewed some Year…

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Prison Break!

On Monday, 15 June, the Year 4 and 5 students went on an excursion to the Fremantle Prison, Round House, and the Maritime Museum.

When we arrived at Fremantle Prison our tour guide, Ian, gave us some background information such as when the prison was built, who built it, and some of the prisoners it held. After that, he took us to see the cells that the prisoners had to live in. They were filthy, closed in,…

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Literacy Groups

On Monday, 22 June, Years 1-6 took part in Literacy Groups. We walked around the school, took photos, and wrote notes about what every class was doing. It was very interesting seeing the activities the younger learners did.
This year our school theme is Every Nation. The Year 5 and 6 students were looking at different countries in small groups. We researched to find information, made a slideshow and then shared it with each…

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Rehoboth Sets a High Standard

Is Rehoboth the school for your child?  This is a great question to ask, and can be answered in a number of ways. We would say that, first and foremost, we are aiming to grow Christian character, teach students a Christian (Biblical) world view, and challenge them to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

But what about the academics? As a school, we also believe in excellence in our academic and vocational programs. But to…

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Visit to Agmaroy Nursing Home

In our Studies of Society and Environment, we have been learning about people who serve their community in different ways. We discussed how we could do something to serve our local community and planned a visit to a local aged care facility, Agmaroy Nursing Home. We prepared songs, a simple craft, and morning tea to share with the residents. We prayed that we would be able to share some joy and brighten the day of…

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Mum and Mini Men MasterChef

There was a buzz in the air today, as boys from Kindy through to Year 6 spent an afternoon with their mum, grandmother, or aunty at our Mum and Mini Men MasterChef afternoon tea.

The afternoon started off with our special guest speakers, Mr Ray van der Kooij and his mother, Mrs van der Kooij. Ray shared about the importance for boys to show affection towards their mums, and to never stop giving their mums…

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