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2015 NAPLAN Results: Wilson Primary

Recently, the results from the Year 3 and Year 5 NAPLAN tests were sent home to parents. It is pleasing to see the school mean is above, and in most cases well above, the National average (which is itself above the State average). This year’s results were also an improvement on last year’s, which were also above both the National and Stage average.

Year 5

A comparison with National benchmarks and the NAPLAN Year 5…

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The Merits of NAPLAN

The 2015 NAPLAN testing took place from 12-14 May. NAPLAN allows each student and group performance to be measured against common national standards, giving teachers information to inform their planning and classroom teaching in literacy and numeracy, and assisting the school to monitor students’ performance. Rehoboth’s performance was once again a strong one where our Year 7 and Year 9 cohort outperformed the WA mean in all areas. This compared favourably to…

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Firemen Visit

The Year 2/3 and 3/4 classes were treated to a visit from some firemen from the Kensington Fire Station. They talked with us about fire safety, including different types of fires and emergencies, the importance of having working smoke alarms in your home, and a safe meeting place for the family outside the home if there is a fire. We were amazed at how quickly firefighters can put on their protective clothes when they…

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Celebrating NAIDOC

This Term, the Wilson Campus has learnt a lot about Australian Indigenous culture. In one House meeting, we learnt about Rod and Mysie Schenk, who were missionaries who shared the gospel with Aboriginal people in Western Australia. We learnt about David Unaipaon, a Christian Aboriginal man on our $50 note who was an inventor, author, and preacher. Across the school, we also studied the Aboriginal culture in our classes.

In Year 2, we talked about the…

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Father and Daughter Breakfast

On Thursday, 3 September, Rehoboth daughters and their fathers came together at the Wilson Campus to have a fantastic breakfast and some fun.

The girls enjoyed dressing their dads up in a tutu, tiara and gloves and assisting them to run the race of their lives. Dads were able to unleash their creative skills in designing a new hairstyle for their daughters. Some dads even consulted with each other on how to create the perfect plait…

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Being a Light to the Nations

Year 5 students recently Skyped Owen and Sarah Ames, who are missionaries in Japan. Over this Term, our class has been learning about Japan, its culture, language, geography, and art, as well as its religion. With less than 0.5% Christians, Japan is a needy place for the gospel.

So, to learn more about this, the class asked questions about the church and cafe outreach Owen and Sara have started. It was great to see every student engaged…

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Writing, Illustrating, and Exploring!

What goes into writing a children’s picture book? Primary LEX@R students were amazed to discover the nuances of deceptively simple books in a recent workshop on “Write Your Own Picture Book” at the Literature Centre in Fremantle.

About twenty students were shown what is involved in writing, illustrating, and publishing a picture book. We saw varied techniques of illustrations, discovered that writers and illustrators have to be willing to edit and change many times before it…

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Quiz Night 2015

Saturday night was the 3rd annual Philippines Mission Trip Quiz Night, raising funds to purchase building supplies and bless the people of the Philippines. The Rehoboth community came out in force to support the night, with over 200 people attending and 26 children in the crèche.

The Quizzical team of Mr and Mrs Nightingale and their son, Rob, ran a challenging, but thoroughly enjoyable quiz. Many were drawn back to their childhood…

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Indigenous Missions

Tyndale, Wycliffe and Newton today explored the topic of Indigenous missions; specifically, the history of the church in Australia and work with Aboriginal people, in their House meetings.

First of all, they learnt that Reverend Richard Johnson was the first missionary, Bible teacher, and pastor to Australia. He arrived on the First Fleet with his wife in Sydney, with 1,000 free settlers and convicts, in 1788.

Students discussed David Unaipon, the Aboriginal man on our…

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