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Buying a Goat

In class this Term, we have been reading two books called Beatrice’s Goat and One Hen. Both of these books are based on the true story of children in Uganda whose lives changed when they received a goat or a chicken. Because of the gift, they were able to save enough money so that they could go to school and help their families and their community in a really BIG way!

We thought… wouldn’t…

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Junior Bible Tournament

On Thursday afternoon, 19 November, nine talented Bible scholars in-the-making stepped up to the mark to take on their opponents in the annual Junior Bible Tournament. Surrounded by avid enthusiasts, and hosted by our very own Bible Quizzler; Wycliffe, composed of: Joel N, Andre and Sarai; Newton, composed of: Aberly, Shemaiah and Blessing; and Tyndale, composed of: Elijah G, Noah and Claris, answered demanding questions with poise, grace and determination.

The General Knowledge…

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Bright Sparks

On Monday, 16 November the Wilson Campus was energised by the Western Power incursion. Each class was electrified to learn how each of us are conductors and how we can pass electricity from each other. (We knew our students were all bright sparks). With the use of an electric stick, the whole class became a circuit. Students where shown what to do in emergencies and how to handle electricity.

Here are some of…

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Constitution Centre and Art Gallery of WA

On Wednesday, 4 November, the Wilson Year 5 and 6 classes went on a riveting excursion to the Constitution Centre and the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

After arriving at the Constitution Centre, each year group had their own guest classroom, where the Year 5 class took part in a “Lawless Town Bingo” game to compare and contrast “Rules and Laws”, as well as sharing their knowledge in a big quiz on the “Three Levels…

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WACSSA Primary Athletics Carnival

On Friday, 30 October the Rehoboth runners took to the track to compete in the WACSSA Athletics Carnival. Competition between the 7 schools in Division 1 was intense. After a score update halfway through the day (and including the results from the Jumps and Throws) Rehoboth was in front by 100 points.

Outstanding results in the 100 metres and 200 metres races and great team efforts in the relays saw Rehoboth cling to that lead. The…

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Connecting with Cambodia

As part of the One School, Every Nation theme this year, the Wilson Year 6 class has been praying for and learning about Cambodia. At the beginning of the term, Patrick and Carol Kelly from Empowering Cambodia visited the class and taught us about life in Cambodia, as part of their Kids Knowing Kids project. The Kelly’s were kind enough to give each child a gift; a stuffed elephant toy, as well as gifts for…

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Community Celebration: Open Day 2015

The Open Day last Saturday was a great time of community, catching up with friends, enjoying great food, and experiencing the school’s “local talent”. Our musical items were fantastic with, performances by the choir and band, as well as solo and small group pieces. The community games were a lot of fun with paper airplanes soaring through the air, as well as those that jumped over the limbo stick! The horse rides were popular and…

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WACSSA Primary Jumps and Throws Carnival

Tuesday, 27 October saw our Primary Athletics Team competing at the WACSSA Primary Jumps and Throws Carnival. The Carnival was held at Langford Sporting Complex and the conditions were perfect for a great day of competition. Students competed in long jump and, for the first time, shot put and turbo javelin. Competition was fierce and our Rehoboth team had to perform at their peak. There were many inspiring performances throughout the day and…

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Visting the Senior School

On Thursday, 17 September, the Wilson Year 6 class embarked on a journey to explore the Secondary School at the Kenwick Campus. I personally enjoyed the sports session in the afternoon: a chaotic game of thievery, rescue and defense between three tribes! Here are some comments by the students.

Woodwork class

“The Year 6 Orientation was really fun. What we did was first take a quick tour around the school then we were split into…

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It’s Official!

God blessed us with a beautiful day at the end of Term 3 to celebrate the opening of the Early Learning Centre and the Junior Primary classroom block at the Wilson Campus. Our special guests, parents, and students heard about the many dedicated people who contributed to the building program. The President of the Association, Mr Lee Klomp, opened the proceedings, and was followed by an outstanding presentation of two guitar pieces…

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