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Canberra 2019 Day 1 – Parliament House, Electoral Commission, National Mint and War Memorial


Parliament House

Today was awesome because we got to have a mock trial of a sitting of parliament. We acted out how it would have actually gone debating a bill and voting. The bill we were voting on was for kids to be playing team sports for 3 hours a week. It was fun because we got a feel for what it would actually be like for members of parliament!

Electoral Commission

At the Australian Electoral Commission, the girls learnt all about voting in Australia. We watched a video which explained it, and went into “the D zone”, which was where we did interactive activities about it. Then we voted on our favourite fruits out of peaches, apples, bananas or oranges, which we did exactly like a real voting scenario. It was a great experience, for all the girls.

Lora Howard

The Australian National Mint

The boys got to visit the Australian Mint. This is where all Australian coins are minted. It was fascinating to see the 5-cent coin used to decorate the stairway. Titan the robot waved at us before tipping blank coins onto the conveyor belt. Many of us were able to mint our own $1 coin for $3.

The War Memorial Visit 1

Everybody tremendously enjoyed visiting the Australian War Memorial. We had an opportunity to experience a little of what life was like for soldiers at war. Today we focused on aircraft and submarines. All students had a chance to sit in a helicopter used in the Vietnam War. The submarine simulation gave us an idea of the conditions naval officers faced. We will return to the Memorial on Sunday.

Caleb Bong

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