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Cadet Camp 2019

Early in Term 2, Cadets were given the chance to put their new skills into action.

Throughout Term 1 Cadets worked on developing their camping skills, including campsite selection, tent setup, Trangia cooking and understanding thermoregulation.

On a particular chilly night in early May the cadets were tested on what they had learned about insulating themselves from the ground and wrapping themselves in a suitable sleeping bag. They also had the opportunity to cook their planned gourmet meals on the Trangia cookers.

On the second day of camp, Cadets travelled to Lake Leschenaultia in Chidlow to participate in canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding and bushwalking. We were blessed with beautiful weather and the Cadets made the most of enjoying the pristine surroundings and developing their teamwork and outdoor skills.

Massive thanks to teachers Mr Murray, Mr Peletier, Mrs Erispe, Mrs Stewart and Mr Eikelboom for their time and effort on camp and a special mention to the Cadets for their outstanding behaviour and care for another.

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