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Buying a Goat

Our awesome poster

In class this Term, we have been reading two books called Beatrice’s Goat and One Hen. Both of these books are based on the true story of children in Uganda whose lives changed when they received a goat or a chicken. Because of the gift, they were able to save enough money so that they could go to school and help their families and their community in a really BIG way!

We thought… wouldn’t it be great if we could do something! We decided to raise money as a class to give to TEAR Australia, which is an organisation that gives practical gifts to families living in poverty.

Our idea: A Lemonade and Jelly Cup Stand!

The Jelly Cup StandThe Lemonade Stand

We worked in committees figuring out a budget, advertising the fundraiser around the school, decorating the stands, and preparing the jelly and lemonade.

“I helped on the budget committee and our job was to find out the prices of everything we needed, choose what we wanted to aim for, count the money floats and the total amount we raised.”
– Akira

“I enjoyed drawing pictures for an advertising poster.”
– Natalie

“I helped to make jelly cups and they sold out at recess – they were very popular!”
– Leah

Lots of customers

“I enjoyed decorating and making the stands for our fundraiser and selling the lemonade.”
– Olivia

How much have we raised

Thank you for helping us raise $174.50 to help others less fortunate than we are.

The Year 3/4 Class

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