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Building Resilience and Skills: Year 3-6 Swimming Lessons

Year 3-6 Swimming Lessons with Mrs Ferguson, Mrs Norman, Mrs Marmion, Mr Hunter, Mrs Rajanayagam, Miss Heaysman, Mrs Kuipers, and Mrs James.

Over the past couple of weeks, during the very hot days, the Years 3-6 students have been setting off to Cannington Leisureplex to practice their water skills, then coming back to school for lunch and a short play time. It was lovely to see so many parents pop in to support their children throughout the two-week period.

Students have been exemplary in their behaviour on the bus (to the delight of all teachers!) and in their interactions with staff at the Leisureplex. We actively encourage our students to be witnesses for Jesus and this was a great opportunity for them to put their faith into action. We are so encouraged when we see them stepping up in this practical way.

We have had minimal loss of property (no towels, goggles or underwear left behind – although we did manage to find one shoe!). Thank you to all parents for the excellent labelling of swim gear and to the children for searching for lost items.

Students have enjoyed the good humour of the swim teachers, who are always firm but kind in their instruction. We appreciate the professionalism of the instructors in ensuring that the students have lessons at their own level and teaching them both survival skills and good swimming techniques.

Swimming lessons form an important part of our PE program. We believe that it is important for all students to feel comfortable and confident around water. Many children also do holiday swimming lessons and this was a great time to consolidate their skills.

For some students, Swimming Lessons are a great opportunity to learn resilience and to overcome setbacks as they persevere, even when it becomes difficult and they are uncertain of their abilities. We trust that each child has grown in some way both in their aquatic skills as well as in character.

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