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Bright Sparks

Western Power 1

On Monday, 16 November the Wilson Campus was energised by the Western Power incursion. Each class was electrified to learn how each of us are conductors and how we can pass electricity from each other. (We knew our students were all bright sparks). With the use of an electric stick, the whole class became a circuit. Students where shown what to do in emergencies and how to handle electricity.

Western Power 2

Here are some of the comments students made:

“We made a circuit with our bodies!”
– Jerimiah, Year 1

“I got to hold a toy and he touched my head and it turned on and off!”
– Valarie, Year 1

“I got to hold a tape measure and go back six meters. You need to stay that far away from fallen power lines.”
– Ashton, Year 1

“Western Power’s phone number is 131351.”
– Mark, Year 2

Western Power 3

“Electricity can go through water, air and metal.”
– Samuel, Year 2

“Electricity can jump six meters.”
– Sally, Year 2

“Electricity can go around the world four and a half times in a minute!”
– Owen, Year 2

Western Power 4

It was no shock to know that the students of Wilson Campus are now more enlightened about electricity.

Mrs Yurisich and Mrs Raganayagam

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