Board and Membership

ACE is managed by our Board, who are elected from amongst Association Members. The purpose of the Board is to achieve the Association’s Objects as defined in the Constitution, and to undertake a stewardship role that is necessary for the proper governance and management of the Association.

Specifically, the role of the Board is to:

  • represent the Members of the Association
  • provide governance and strategic oversight of the College
  • assess and approve applications for Membership and Affiliate Membership with the Association
  • provide a point of contact between the operations of the College and the Association.
  • develop and implement governing policies.
  • ensure that such policies are written at a strategic level and reflect the core values and principles of the Association.
  • appoint, and ensure the performance of, the CEO.
  • oversee staff selection, primarily through policy that prescribes staff advertising, selection criteria, selection panels, the presence of Ministers/Pastors on the selection panel as appropriate, staff appointment, staff induction.
  • oversee curriculum.
  • act as custodians of the Association’s vision, primarily through the education of Members on the Association’s Foundational Principles, its Scriptural basis, and a clearly articulated Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan.
  • that the Association is a contributor to the cause of Christian education, primarily through involvement in CEN.

Mr Frank van der Kooy – Chairman

Frank is a past student, having graduated from Rehoboth in 1989. He participated in the Development Campaign in 2012 to help raise funds for the College’s building program. Frank is a lawyer who works for a public utility, and joined the Board in 2014.

Mr Chris van der Veen – Vice Chairman

Chris and his wife have three children, two of whom are attending Rehoboth. They are members of Willetton Christian Church, and Chris operates, and is involved in running, a number of businesses owned by his immediate family. He also manages his own consulting business. Chris previously served as Treasurer and Secretary prior to being elected Chairman.

Mr Bruce Whyatt – Treasurer

Bruce holds qualifications in finance and banking and currently works as an advisor within the public sector. He is married with four children enrolled at the Wilson Campus. The family attend Riverton Baptist Church, where Bruce is involved with children ministries.

Mr Jason van Schie – Secretary

Jason was privileged to be born into a Christian household. He is married to Jessica and has two children, one of whom is attending at the Wilson Campus. The van Schies are members of the Willetton Christian Reformed Church and attend weekly as a family.Since graduating from Swan Christian College in 1999, Jason has earned a Bachelors Degree in Psychology (Honours) and followed that with a Masters Degree in Applied Psychology (Organisational) before becoming a registered psychologist in 2005. After several years of experience that included the delivery of training and consulting services across Australia, he founded People Diagnostix in 2013. In this role, Jason primarily designs and facilitates training programs for organisations in the areas of sleep health, fatigue risk management, and mental health/wellness.Jason is also a member of the Australian Psychological Society and serves on the Marketing and Communication Committee for the Sleep Health Foundation of Australia.

Mr Ben van der Kooy – Building Task Group Chair

Ben is a former student of Rehoboth (Years 1 through to 10) who has attended St Matthew’s Church in Shenton Park for 13 years, serving in the music and Kids’ Church ministries for most of that time. He is married to Kylie and has four children, two of whom are enrolled at the Kenwick campus. Ben is a plumber who has run his own businesses for 23 years.

Mr Andrew Matthews – Board Member

Andrew is Head of English at Swan Christian College and aims to bring an educational perspective to the Board. He is husband to Amy and father of three boys, all attending at the Kenwick Campus. Andrew has been a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church Maida Vale since 2007, and first joined the Board in 2017. He currently serves as the Board’s Curriculum Monitor, helping to ensure that a Christian worldview is embedded across all aspects of the College’s teaching and learning programs.

Mr Paul Nieuwkerk – Board Member

Paul and his wife Jacqueline have two sons and the whole family are Rehoboth graduates. The family attend the Christian Reformed Church of Perth. Paul is General Manager of Strategic Business Development at Toll Energy, and as a Board member he has served in a wide variety of capacities.

Mrs Karinda Olde – Board Member

Karinda is a UWA graduate who dabbled in a range of employment opportunities before starting her career as a mum. She is married to Chris and their four children are students of Rehoboth, split across Wilson Primary and Kenwick Secondary. Karinda is a member of the Westminster Presbyterian Church of Bull Creek where she currently fills the role of Chaplain to the seniors in Girls’ Brigades, as well as serving as a mentor to female teens in her local high school.

We offer two tiers of Association membership:

Full Membership
The purpose of becoming a Member is to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to Rehoboth and to Christian education.Members have voting rights at Association meetings and are also eligible to become Board members. This provides parents with the primary means by which they are able to influence the nature of education at Rehoboth.Membership is open to any person over the age of 18 interested in furthering the objectives of the Association. Candidates for full Membership will be required to declare their agreement with these objectives and a willingness to support Christian education as a life-long commitment, and families enrolling students will be required to meet our enrolment criteria.An annual Membership fee is applicable, which helps to offset costs associated with running General Meetings, Board meetings, Board training, administrative costs, and other activities of the Association.
Affiliate Membership
Whilst we strongly encourage families to prayerfully consider becoming full Members and assisting us in the mission of providing an outstanding Christian education, parents also have the choice of applying for Affiliate Membership. Families opting for this tier are still required to meet our enrolment criteria, but will not hold voting rights at Association meetings and are not eligible to serve on the Board. There is also no fee for Affiliate membership.
What Do I Do Now?
Membership at either the Full or Affiliate level is a prerequisite for any families wishing to enrol their children at Rehoboth. Should you wish to become a Member without enrolling children, you will need to complete a Parent/Guardian Application, available below. For all enquiries regarding ACE membership and enrolments, including submission of your application, please contact the Business Office.

Ready to start the enrolment process?

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