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The Blessing of Community: Year 12 Farewell Dinner

On Friday 19 October, we had our Year 12 Farewell Dinner. The dinner was to celebrate the achievements and growth of our Year 12 students with their parents and family as their time at Rehoboth comes to an end. This event was held at the Gosnells Golf Club, and there were a number of highlights during the night, most notably:

  • The relaxed camaraderie between the students and teachers throughout the evening.
  • Miss Webster’s devotion regarding the different season in our lives. This devotion was delivered by Mrs Drennan (Year 12 Coordinator) as Miss Webster was unwell on the night.
  • The pastoral care group (PCG) leaders’ presentation of gifts to each of their students. Each PCG leader said something really inspiring about each of the students that they have mentored over the year. This was a testament to the strong teacher/student relationship that has contributed to the rich journey each of our Year 12 students have had in the College.
  • Finally, there was Mr Luke Brandon’s student speech. We were all entertained by the anecdotes that Luke expressed in his speech, but more importantly blessed by his recollections of what he actually learnt in his years at Rehoboth. He encouraged all the students to see themselves as more than a singular number (ATAR) but a person created by God and blessed by His purpose. That each student is a rich mix of all the challenges, learning experiences and character development that they have experienced throughout their lives. As teachers we were encouraged by the knowledge that students were thinking about redefining their meaning of success.

After the formal speeches, there was also the open mic segment which allowed parents, teachers and students to express any anecdotes regarding the year group that were memorable.

The whole night was a real blessing of celebration as a community. I would like to thank the staff of the Gosnells Golf Club for the wonderful setup and food that helped contribute to a great night.

I would like to thank all the PCG teachers for all their hard work throughout the year in mentoring our Year 12 students. Thank you to all the staff involved in organising the event – Mrs Drennan, Mr Kuipers, Mrs Louwen and especially Mrs Nightingale who tirelessly liaised with the venue and coordinated the finer details of the program.

Finally, thank you to all the parents who have entrusted us with their child’s education over the years. Your support and encouragement has helped make the Year 12 journey possible. To all Year 12 students, thank you for making 2018 memorable for us. Onward and upward to all (borrowing from a 2016 graduate).

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