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Biz Kids Maker’s Market

One of our Year 5 students, Esme Selman researched the BizKids groups, compiled photos of the day and creatively made a booklet (view below).

Biz Kids is a program that the Year 4-6 students at Kenwick take part in each year and use their creativity, as well as their problem-solving skills to design and run a small business.

On 16 November, students and staff helped to set up a range of stalls, organised their handcrafted items, placed them on display, all ready and prepped to run their business for the Biz Kids Maker’s Market!

It was a wonderful scene with families and staff who came by to view and purchase the items offered, enjoy the live music and a sausage sizzle. 

One of our Kenwick Primary Year 5 students, Esme Selman spent time researching the different Biz Kids’ groups and took photos of the day. She then used a program to develop her research and photos into a booklet which you can view below. 

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