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A Big Year for Janelle

This has been a big year for Janelle Poa, who is currently in Pre-Primary at Rehoboth Christian College’s Wilson Campus. This year she has participated in two state Music Competitions.

In September, Janelle entered the North of Perth Music Festival and was awarded second prize in the Piano Solo (Grade One) competition.

In the following month, she entered the South Suburban Music Society (SSMS) Eisteddford and competed in the piano section. The SSMS Eisteddfod is a prestigious music competition which involves some of the best young musicians from around Perth playing their various instruments in a range of categories.

Janelle’s hard work and tenacity paid off when she was awarded the first prize in Piano Solo – Australian (Grade One) and second price in Piano Solo – Romantic (Grade One). It is indeed a testament to Janelle’s passion and determination for her music performance.

Congratulations to you, Janelle, for your excellent accomplishments and results. You have shown amazing determination and hard work in your music endeavours. Keep up your great work and may you continue to grow in your musical performance.

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