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Being Intentional about Missions: Run4Bibles 2019

Over the last year we have become more intentional in the way we 'do' Missions.

I had the pleasure of attending a meeting with both the Year 12 Mission Team leaders and the Year 6 teams from both campuses. Mr Hunter explained that, while many organisations still operating today started off with sharing the Gospel, over the years this focus has been lost. These organisations often continue to do good works but arguably no longer have God at the centre.

As our students discussed what ‘Mission’ means to them, we learnt that it is about accomplishing goals, helping those in need, and service. We continue to do these things, but the students then thought more deeply about what this looks like at Rehoboth. They decided that the emphasis should always be in sharing God’s Word and the Gospel with others, while still attending to their physical needs.

For the Primary School, this means that we support a child at each campus through Compassion, we donate money towards the Mission Trips run by the Secondary School, and find practical ways in which our students can serve and give. One of these is Operation Christmas Child, which gives children a once on a lifetime gift of a shoebox filled with all sorts of items including a soft toy, pencils, soap and a toothbrush. A tract or booklet explaining the Gospel is added to each box and surveys have shown that one in five shoeboxes contribute to children becoming Christians.

As part of our Cross-Country Carnival it was decided that we would raise money for Bibles. We did this last year and awarded prizes to the students who raised the most money. This year, the Mission Team students made a conscious decision to change their thinking and put the focus firmly back on what the money raised would enable us to do for the furthering of God’s Kingdom work. No prizes, no thought of self – only a servant heart for God.

This year we raised a total of $6,244 across the two campuses which means that we are able to send 892 Bibles to South Africa. This means that 892 people, whether they be adults or children, can now access a Bible. It means that they can study God’s Word for themselves and it also means that perhaps they can share the message with many people around them. It is our prayer that this seed falls on good soil and that God blesses each person who receives one.

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