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Being a Light to the Nations

Year 5 students recently Skyped Owen and Sarah Ames, who are missionaries in Japan. Over this Term, our class has been learning about Japan, its culture, language, geography, and art, as well as its religion. With less than 0.5% Christians, Japan is a needy place for the gospel.

So, to learn more about this, the class asked questions about the church and cafe outreach Owen and Sara have started. It was great to see every student engaged and interacting with Owen, and then stretching out their hands at the end to pray for them.

A lighter moment was chatting about Owen’s passion for AFL, and support for Collingwood. Ethan, also a Collingwood supporter, was overjoyed to find someone who shares his passion. At the end, Owen also challenged students to consider going to Japan one day to preach the gospel.

Mr Hunter

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