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Beautiful Words – Year 11 Drama

On Friday, 13 November at lunchtime in the gym, the Year 11 Drama General class performed Beautiful Words – abridged by Sean Riley. We spent all Semester working towards the performance, learning lines, rehearsing, making preparations for front of house, organising and designing costumes, and selling tickets.

The play was a snapshot of the polar ideas about Australia’s policies and attitudes towards refugees, and challenged the audience about God’s view on the topic in light of the circumstances in which Christ himself was born. The performance was quite timely in light of the recent Paris and Beirut terrorist activity and the backlash these events have already had on our current asylum seeker policy. While the temptation is to fear the influence of Islam, the play challenges us to look beyond our fear.

The students performed well, and can be proud of their efforts. I am very proud of them and couldn’t have asked for a better show, all things considered. I would like to say thank you to our lovely class for all their hard work, perseverance, ideas, thoughts, suggestions, laughs, and for trusting me. It was an absolute pleasure!

I’d also like to thank Elijah and Malachi in Year 8 for their efforts looking after lighting and set transitions. Thank you also to the Year 10 Drama class for their help on the day with front of house and backstage, and their general willingness to get behind the Year 11s and help out however they could. Everything worked like clockwork thanks to you all! Thank you also to everyone who came along to watch and support us, and donate to the Philippines Mission Trip as well. Ultimate thanks goes to our Marvellous Creator who uses our human brokenness to show us beauty and kindness, which are often the same thing.

Mrs Stewart

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