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A Beautiful Morning at the Falls

Lesmurdie 1

In our Year 8 Humanities class this Term, we’ve been learning about the different stages of rivers, the activity of each, how humans use these different stages, as well as our impact on the river ecosystem.

Lesmurdie 2

On Friday, 27 May, we went to the Lesmurdie Falls as part of our study on rivers in Humanities. It was a bright, beautiful morning and we all appreciated the opportunity to start the day out in Creation by going on a brisk walk down the trail of the falls. The recent heavy rain meant the Falls were just stunning in their cascade down the sheer rocks, and bubbly as we walked further down.

Lesmurdie 3

We were encouraged to see the characteristics we’d learned about in class right there before us, particularly the interlocking spurs of the valley, and beyond that the city of Perth. Many students (and even some teachers) commented that they hoped to come back and explore a bit more of the Falls and the various trails and vantage points, as well as just enjoy a slice of nature in the middle of our busy city and lives.

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