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Balancing Learning and Life in Year 11-12

Last Thursday, 2 March, sixty Year 11 and 12 students participated in a two-day study retreat at the Serpentine Baptist Campsite in Jarrahdale. The purpose of the camp was twofold – to learn useful study skills to assist students in their academic journey at Rehoboth Christian College, and to place their academic life in a balanced perspective within the context of their relationship with God.

The students started with three study skills sessions led by Miss Smith from Academic Task Force. This was followed by various activities, which included talks by Mrs Gwynne on how to thrive rather than survive in our lives, talks from previous Year 12 students, swimming and sports.

The talks by our previous Year 12 students included topics such as stewardship of gifts, intimacy with God, evangelism, discipleship and goal setting. The first day was concluded with a concert that highlighted the various concepts that the students have learnt presented in skits and songs.

Friday started with a “boot camp” style exercise session led by Mr Peletier to further emphasise that exercise is a part of having a balanced approach to a student’s academic journey.

All in all, it was a busy two days that was educational, relaxing, inspirational and fun. The most common feedback from students were the connections built, and renewed, with one another and with God.

Thank you to all the teachers who helped in the organisation of the camp, in particular Mrs Nathan, Mr Kuipers, Mrs Louwen, Mrs Gwynne and Mrs Nightingale. A big thank you to our previous Year 12s who have given their time to connect with students and leave a positive legacy amidst their busy university life – Josiah Kappert, Paul Kennedy, Rowell Sarmiento, Alena Yun and Oriana Luntungan.

Mr Vasquez

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