Articles by Mrs Keightley

First Days in Kindy 2019

It has been so wonderful to see all our new Kindy students begin their school journey. I am so excited to have them in my class and I can’t wait to get to know each one of them and watch them develop and grow as they learn new things.

Last week, the children enjoyed playing in the newly-renovated Early Childhood garden at the Wilson Campus. They especially enjoyed the new water pump and making a river, as well as climbing on the climbing pole, riding bikes, painting and making new friends.

We did have a few tears as children got…

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Nine Little Chicks

Our Kindy students have had the opportunity to look after nine little chicks for the past two weeks in our class. It was very exciting watching the first little chick hatch from its egg – there were shrieks of joy and happiness in the classroom!

The students were able to spend time watching and observing the chicks’ growth over the two weeks and they noticed how quickly they grow in such a short period of time. They also noticed how the chicks’ feathers had started changing and how their cheeping got louder! The students learnt how to care for newborn…

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A Look Back at Term 2 in Kindy

Term 2 in Kindy has been a busy, yet exciting one. The Kindy students had a fantastic day when Mr Duncan, the Music Man came to visit. He showed the children how to make musical instruments using recycled materials, which also sounded great.

We also had Miss Bree from the local library come to visit the children. She read them a story called “Hickory Dickory Dash,” which the children thought was a rather funny book. They also spotted that it was a rhyming book – well done Kindys!

In our last week we had another special visitor…

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