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Intrepid Year 8 Students on Camp

The intrepid Year 8 students spent three days during Week 3 of Term 4 away from school at beautiful Camp Mornington, nestled in the hills near Waroona. After lunch on the first day, three hours passed very fast while we shared smelly shoes, solved group puzzles (using our multiprocessing skills – kicking a soccer ball, passing a basketball and listening to our screaming classmates simultaneously!) and “run the gauntlet” style dodgeball. It was surprising who made it through to score the major points; often it was not the fastest but those with an eye on the ball and the ability…

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Medieval Day

Is it possible to live a whole historical era in one day?

Probably not, but it might be possible to get a taste for the type of lives that ordinary people would have lived and the skills that they had. This was the aim of the Year 8 Medieval Day in the last week of Term 3.

Year 8 students spent their time preparing food over an open fire. Some students spent a long time grinding grain to make flat bread and others lighting a fire without paper (matches were a modern concession). Our thanks go to Mr Cook for…

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Writing Psalms in Year 9 Christian Studies

As part of our Year 9 studies of Old Testament literature and King David, we looked at different types of psalms. Then we had a go at writing our own lament or psalm of thanksgiving. Because the Psalms were often used for public worship, we present a sample of ours for public encouragement! Simply click on a student’s name to read their psalm.

Mark Abenes XXXTentacion – Sad

Who am I, someone that’s afraid to let go, yeah
You decide if you ever gon’ let him know, yeah
Don’t you dare ever…

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Year 8 Humanities Market Day

The Year 8 Humanities class has been studying Economics and Geography this Semester. They were given the task of setting up a company, planning and producing a product, marketing and selling their product at a Market Day held on Wednesday 13 June. The profit from their business enterprise, after they have repaid their capital loan, contributes funding to the improvement of the outdoor quadrangle in the Endeavour area.

The students put in an awesome effort and produced some fine food and beverages on the day. The burgers, loaded fries, hot chocolates and sushi were superb! Everyone sold out of their…

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LEX@R – Tournament of Minds

The Learning Extension classroom has been very busy in the last few weeks. Students have been busy preparing for the Tournament of Minds; making costumes, painting a replica of the Mona Lisa (go Leonardo!), rehearsing lines, and making an invisible contraption while practising for the spontaneous challenge.

Students went to ECU Joondalup on Saturday, 29 August to perform in front of the judges. Despite their nerves and some significant technical difficulties, both teams got brilliant feedback from the judges who were very encouraging. Quite a few “excellent” boxes were ticked for the team who eliminated Shakespeare and King Henry VIII…

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