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All Monkeys Love Bananas

On Thursday 23 August, the Year 3/4 class went on the bus and drove to Cannington Library. There we met author, Sean Avery. Did you know he wrote, All Monkey’s Love Bananas!?

Sean told us that he loved art and he brought in a sculpture of a chameleon that he made. It was sooooo cool! He also told us what it was like to be an author. It was very interesting to hear him talk. Then we played Heads and Tails and the winner (Juho) got a book signed by Sean. My favourite part was when Sean told us not…

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ANZAC Cottage: The House that was Built in a Day

On Thursday 3 May, the Year 3/4 Class went to visit ANZAC Cottage. We had an interesting and fun morning learning about how the Cottage was built.

Our tour guides were Mr and Mrs Chappel.

Mrs Chappel is the granddaughter of the wounded soldier, John Porter, for whom the cottage was built in 1916. Private Porter fought at Gallipoli, but a gun shot to his left leg meant that he came back to Perth unable to work as he had done before the war. They all pitched in to help build the Cottage in one day. It…

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Hands-on 3D Maths Activities with Year 3/4

Nothing brings a Maths lesson to life more than when you get to try out some things with your hands. Recently, the Year 3/4 class did just that as they investigated the beauty, fun and complexity of 3D shapes!

“In class, we have been learning about different 3D objects. We did 4 different activities about making and drawing 3D objects. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it” – Isaac

“Cindy and I made a cube with pipe cleaners and straws. We cut straws and slid them on the pipe cleaner and twisted it into a 3D…

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Year 3s and the Universe: Perth Observatory Excursion

Did you know that today the Year 3 classes went on an excursion to Perth Observatory in Bickley?

We did four activities and they were about:

Shadows and Sundials Earth, Moon and Sun Our Solar System Meteorites and the Moon

We enjoyed looking at the observatory sundial, making our own, and touching part of a real meteorite! The highlight of the day was definitely seeing a historical telescope which was used for astrophotography and opening up the dome.

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