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The Blessing of Community: Year 12 Farewell Dinner

On Friday 19 October, we had our Year 12 Farewell Dinner. The dinner was to celebrate the achievements and growth of our Year 12 students with their parents and family as their time at Rehoboth comes to an end. This event was held at the Gosnells Golf Club, and there were a number of highlights during the night, most notably:

The relaxed camaraderie between the students and teachers throughout the evening. Miss Webster’s devotion regarding the different season in our lives. This devotion was delivered by Mrs Drennan (Year 12 Coordinator) as Miss Webster was unwell on the night. The…
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3 Study Hacks for Senior Students

I would like to introduce 3 study hacks to help our students prepare for the challenges of Term 2.

Term 2 will build up in workload and assessments for most students. It is the Term where exams will happen, and most assessments will build up to finish the first semester.

The earlier we know the landscape of Term 2, the more prepared we become in dealing with challenges.

What are study hacks? They are non-standard study methods that aim to help a student in managing their academic activities. A search on the internet will reveal some effective study methods that…

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A Few Words from Our 2018 Sports Captain

My name is Megan Lamprecht. I am a student currently completing Year 12 and have the privilege of being the 2018 Sports Captain. In the future, I hope to attend university and complete a degree in veterinary sciences as well as zoology. I attend Life City Church and the associated youth group, The LC.

From birth I have been raised in a Christian home and I have such a passion for spending time with God and sharing His Word with others. Some hobbies I enjoy doing in my spare time include reading, playing with my puppy, and…

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What Goals are Important for Senior School?

Continuing our conversation from the last article, now that we know what requirements there are for achieving the WACE, what other goals are important for Senior School?

To answer that question will depend on the conversations you have with your child. Some questions to consider are:

What does the end of the year look like to you as parents and students, apart from achieving WACE? Do you want to finish with a sense of purpose? What does that look like? Do you want to finish this year happy and less stressed? What does that picture look like…
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Our 2018 Student Prefect Captains

I would like to introduce our College Captain, Timothy Komaiya, and Vice Captain, Rachael Fleming. Over the next few weeks, each student leader will be sharing a little about themselves and their beliefs about what leadership means at Rehoboth Christian College.

Timothy Komaiya

Communism shall prevail! Sorry, that was the history student in me – but at least I got your attention! My name is Timothy Komaiya, and I am the 2018 College Captain. I’m a God-fearing, basketball loving, movie and gym enthusiast who enjoys the occasional bike ride. Some of my core values include honesty, humility, respect, and family…

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Beginning with the End in Mind

On the second week of this term, the Year 11 and 12 students had a 2.5 day student retreat at Swan Valley Adventure Centre in Middle Swan. Part of the retreat program was to give the students an overview of the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens”. One of the habits is beginning with the end in mind. In this article I would like to give a brief overview of one of the goals a student can have for the end of their Senior Secondary program – the achievement of WACE (Western Australian Certificate of Education).


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From Study Retreat to Student Retreat

On Thursday to Saturday, 8-10 February, five teachers and sixty-five students went on a retreat at the Swan Valley Adventure Centre. The focus of the retreat was to help students develop skills that would support their academic journey at Rehoboth. Deeper skills, disciplines, or habits of developing a personal mission statement, communication, looking after oneself, knowing God, and conflict resolution – to name a few – were discussed at the camp. This is why we have changed the name from a “Study Retreat” – with its focus solely on academics – to a “Student Retreat”.

Below are two students’ impressions of how they went at the camp. The feedback…

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The Language of WACE

Let’s take a look at the language of WACE. As we start our journey from Year 11 to Year 12, we will encounter a number of acronyms or terminologies that are directly related to senior schooling. Below is a list of commonly used acronyms and terminologies with a short description of each. In future articles we will try and describe these concepts with more detail.

Some of these definitions can be found in the SCSA Year 12 Handbook, which is a great resource for parents and students.

WACE (pronounced “ways”)

This stands for the Western Australian Certificate…

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Balancing Learning and Life in Year 11-12

Last Thursday, 2 March, sixty Year 11 and 12 students participated in a two-day study retreat at the Serpentine Baptist Campsite in Jarrahdale. The purpose of the camp was twofold – to learn useful study skills to assist students in their academic journey at Rehoboth Christian College, and to place their academic life in a balanced perspective within the context of their relationship with God.

The students started with three study skills sessions led by Miss Smith from Academic Task Force. This was followed by various activities, which included talks by Mrs Gwynne on how to…

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How Does ATAR Work?

Updated 6 April 2018

One of the areas that I regularly get questions about is the Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank, or ATAR, and how it works. What follows are some answers to a number of the most frequently asked questions:

The ATAR – How does it work? What is the TEA score? How does the TEA score convert to an ATAR? What is moderation and scaling? What is the UWA bonus?

If parents or students want to seek any further clarification, please ask Mr Stirling or Mr Vasquez.

The ATAR – How Does it Work?

Year 11 and 12 subjects are divided…

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