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The Game Project: Year 7 WOW Day

On Tuesday 5 March, Year 7 students came back from the long weekend excited for a day out of regular classes to start a new project-based learning exercise. Over the rest of this Term and into the next, they will be working on “The Game Project”.

In Periods 1 and 2, students and teachers enjoyed playing a variety of board games together like Bohnanza, Lords of Waterdeep, Munchkin, Kingdomino, Dr Who Risk and Ticket to Ride. Some students played 0AD set up on some Macs in the LRC.

The students thought it was strange being allowed to play games during…

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Fremantle, Frozen Cokes, Firefighters, and Fun

In Week 3 of this Term, Year 8 students hit the streets of Fremantle for the first day of their camp. It was a great day of tracking down items and photos for the scavenger hunt, exploring the tunnels beneath Fremantle Prison, and laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

One of the highlights was when one group accidentally broke into a Fire Station, shocking the firefighters mid-training session by their entrance into a “secure area”. Thankfully, the firefighters were impressed and grateful to our students for highlighting a minor security issue.

Another highlight was the visit to Hungry Jack’s for…

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