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Around the World with Pre-Primary

Around the World with Pre-Primary 001

God has created our world with so many different cultures, customs, plants, and animals to explore!

We started our Term with Australia, and had lots of fun with our bush campsite, campfire, and learning about Australian animals. We also looked at Aboriginal art and dance, and had a go at doing our own dot paintings. It was quite hard!

From Australia, we set off to other parts of the world! We looked at African stories, and Chinese festivals. We made our own cherry blossom paper and cut the paper to make Chinese lanterns.

We created our own Airport, complete with a travel agent, security detector, bag scanner and life-size plane with cockpit and windows. This has been lots of fun! We have each had our own passport to stamp in our travels, and we have had dress ups from other countries to experiment with.

We have explored how things move, using wheels, rollers, and the wind, and how this helps us in our everyday life. We have been designing our own paper airplanes, experimenting with different folds and using paper clips as weights. We will be testing our designs and having a flying competition soon.

Mrs Witcombe brought in some dolls from different cultures around the world that we have been able to play with and learn about their costume. We all decorated a paper doll that showed our own cultural heritage, and we placed them around the world map. Our class group represented so many different countries including Australia, England, Indonesia, South Africa, China, Mauritius, Kenya, Sierra Leone, and the Netherlands.

God has given us so many cultures to discover and learn about!

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