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All in a Day’s Work

During the first week of this Term, our entire Year 10 class went out to experience the workplace environment across a large range of industries. We are most grateful to the generous employers who have sown into the lives of our students.

This was the best year we’ve had, in all respects, with employers congratulating our students on their efforts and the way they conducted themselves, and the positive feedback from the teachers who gladly volunteered to visit them all over the city. The students and their parents are to be complimented on their organisation, prompt return of paperwork and for taking the trouble to find such meaningful placements for Work Experience. As a result of this, several of our students have changed their career choices, others have mentioned how this experience altered their approach to life in some way and some mentioned profound changes in their perceptions of what God might have for them in the future.

Below are some of their comments and photographs of them in the workplace.

Mrs J Drennan

“I did my Year 10 work experience at Forte – School of Music. I really enjoyed my time there and appreciated this incredible opportunity. I learnt so much within the one week I spent there. All the people there were very kind and lovely to be around, and it was such a good environment to be in. I got to sit in on some of the music classes and assist as well. It was a very interesting experience, but I really enjoyed all of it and the friends I’ve made there. I also got to be more independent and find out some of the skills I possess. I really cherished this wonderful experience and hope to go back there.”

Sabrina Allen
Forte School of Music

“For work experience, I worked at Scitech as part of the science squad. It was an amazing experience getting to know the place and how to use the 3D printers and pens. The staff were all so friendly and I also enjoyed helping the school groups that came to Scitech. One highlight was definitely on the Saturday where I got to see Scitech transform for the Winter Toddlerfest. There were so many children everywhere and I enjoyed helping them interact with the new exhibitions, such as the little farm, photo booth and show.”

Gwyneth Anggadjaja

“Seeing the kids’ faces absolutely light up when you praised them, read them a story or when they had a positive experience in general, made me so happy and proud to be working with such amazing kids. It was such a blessing and the work that the therapists did with the special needs children is definitely one of my passions. Words cannot describe the happiness working with these extraordinary kids gave me.”

Sage Clarke
Kenwick School

“I felt very privileged to get two placements and they were both very interesting and I’m glad I did them. I got an insight into how the earth is mapped and what new technologies geologists are using to find minerals. At both places I felt very welcome and everyone was happy to talk to me. I also saw how a professional radio station was run and got to use one of their studios during the time and record some of my own talk-breaks and make my own radio edit. I would love to have stayed longer at both places.”

Michael Deacon-Fobister
CSIRO and 98.5 Sonshine FM

“For work experience I had the pleasure of working at Shelley Primary School as a teacher’s assistant. I was able to work in both the kindy and pre-primary areas and I learnt how tiring it is to work with children. I had so much fun being able to get to know the children, especially when we celebrated the children’s 100 days at school. I’m not quite sure if working at a primary school is what I would like to do for the rest of my life but it was a fun experience.”

Viola Moro
Shelley Primary School

“For work experience I got to work at Buggles, Beckenham in the toddlers room. I realised how much fun it was working with children and I have considered taking up a job at the day-care. One of my highlights was when we had a small class party for a little girl, the girl ended up waking up last from the nap. We had some cake and all the kids tried to get closer and closer to the cake. I had the pleasure of helping out in the day-care and would surely love to come back.”

Jean Covero
Buggles Early Learning Centre

“My name is Mitchell O’Sullivan and I went to work experience at APG Homes for a week. It was an eye-opening experience for me since I thought work around the office was dull and boring, when really it isn’t. There were many different characters in the workplace that made the atmosphere very exciting, whether they made life more difficult or extra fun. It was great listening to how some people’s jobs were on the line in some areas, it just added a whiff of danger to the air – quite exciting. However, in other areas everyone seemed to joke about and make it look like they actually wanted to be there (not sure if that’s true though). The highlight would probably be the Friday afternoon when everyone in the office stopped work and mucked around for about an hour. There were ex-footy players kicking a foam football over the desks and no one was doing work anymore. If this is what work is always like, then it’s something I’ll definitely look forward to. (Also, the lack of homework was ‘a dream come true’!)”

Mitchell O’Sullivan
APG Homes

“My work experience placement at Burcham Electrical was a great learning experience and I am thankful for the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of being a sparkie. For work we travelled around in the Hilux attending to jobs around the Perth Metro area. I was impacted as we worked on some government funded houses and was confronted at how the poorer people of our city live. I enjoyed drilling holes and putting in power points and phone lines. Some of the work was a bit tedious but overall I enjoyed my experience working as an Electrician.”

Calvin Ossevoort
Burcham Electrical

“For work experience I was lucky enough to go to NR Barber Legal, a Criminal Law firm in London Court. I went with Heleema Rawlings who shares the same interests in law as I do. We were given heaps of filing tasks but it was really interesting to read through all the cases and see how Dr Barber defended them in court. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience there and I definitely intend to study law in the future.”

Shona Bonnington
NR Barber Legal

“I was blessed with being able to have the opportunity to work at a Criminal Law firm in London Court, with a fellow classmate. We were able to attend court, sit in on meetings with clients and read through files, cases and transcripts. Spending the week in this fast-paced environment has definitely given me insight into the range of jobs done by a lawyer and has made me eager to achieve the grades to study law at university.

Heleema Rawlings
NR Barber Legal

“My work experience took place at JB-Hi-Fi at Carousel shopping centre. I had responsibility over the music section and really enjoyed working in that sort of environment. It was also useful to learn how it is all categorised and how they use the computer to find different stock. One highlight was being able to actually help customers, and know where the things that they were looking for were. Also, it was great not to be treated like a child and actually have some jobs to take care of. Overall I think this work experience was really good for me and I definitely want to pursue a job in the area of retail.”

Joshua Rentenaar
JB Hi-Fi Carousel

“In my work experience I went to my church. There is a second floor there, and that’s where the offices are that do all the backstage kind of stuff. So when I went up to that area I was given a warm welcome and a little bit of work to do. As this was just after a youth camp I had been on, all the stuff left over was still in Room 3. By this time I was willing to help clean up and my boss took me down there and told me where things should go and what I needed to do. I walked into that room and it stunk to high heaven. All the preservable food and non-preservable food was still not dealt with because no one wanted to deal with it. So once she sorted me out she went to a meeting and I was left to clean up, I’m not saying I didn’t mind it, honestly it wasn’t that bad. Okay, so after I cleaned up on Monday, I came back on Tuesday and the food still had not been dealt with. So I went back with an employee, Mitch. One smell and he was out! Even the lettuce I placed in a container the day before couldn’t be recognized as lettuce anymore. The smell was at least five times worse than before, and I cleaned it up again! Well after the week I spent with them it came to Friday – the night Youth was on, so I went, and during the message I got recognition for cleaning up Room 3. I very much enjoyed working with them because it was like a big family and I just felt so close with everyone as there was never a dull moment – kind of like one big, Latin family.”

Shannon Sara

“During my week of Work Experience, I worked at a Dental Therapy Clinic and it gave me a good idea of work life outside of school. I mainly assisted and organised the files. I gained an excellent overview of how the clinic worked, including helping and engaging with people. I enjoyed meeting the staff and I was really privileged how they took their time to talk about the things that happen everyday in the clinic and showing me around. It gave me a real insight how a clinic really runs. The highlights were the enjoyment of being able to work with the children and giving them advice on how to look after their teeth. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent working with the staff and the children. This experience has led me into a new world and has also helped to point me in the right direction.”

Sneha Sibi

“For my work experience I went to East Kenwick Primary School as a teacher assistant in a year 1/2 class. I really enjoyed my time with all the wonderful kids and generous people around me, apart from waking up early! This experience had taught me a variety of things, such as communicating with teachers and younger kids, how much time has to be given to do actual work, and mostly it made me realise that my weakness falls in all the teaching areas. But overall it was an amazing journey from start to end and I thank all the people who organized this great opportunity.”

Florence Tlumang 
East Kenwick Primary School

“I did work experience at Foot Locker Carousel. I learned how things worked over at Foot Locker. I sold items and worked at the back of the store. The manager gave team challenges for the day and we had to complete them. We had to sell shoes, apparel and some sneaker cleaner cans. I mainly did tasks that the manager gave me. I had to put security tags on clothes, fold them and put them on the apparel shelves. I really enjoyed doing work experience for a week at Foot Locker.”

David Vurudandi
Foot Locker Carousel

“The highlights of work experience at Taffy’s were that I got to make a wide variety of different quality candies. Every one of them was made differently which kept things very interesting. There was not a single moment where I was bored or had nothing to do. On the first day I arrived, I was given a shirt and then got straight into making chocolate-coated figs. The people there were really nice and welcoming, they all helped me out a lot if I had any questions. I learnt how to make many types of candies and chocolates. I think it was a great learning experience for me and I will consider doing it after I finish school. One of the challenges was washing the big mixing pot after making something like brittle or butter snap. Also keeping up with the moving belt that was carrying the chocolate-coated ginger. I had to weigh and bag them while keeping up with the belt, it was challenging but so much fun and interesting. I was able to share about Christianity because some of the people that worked there were also Christian or Catholic. It was a really good learning experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Luritha Martens 

“My experience at BOUNCEinc was very educational and interesting. I blended quite well into their daily routine and into the family. My work went over two weeks, which gave me enough time to learn almost everything and get my own rhythm.”

Jacob Ellery

“On Work experience at Good Life Health Clubs, I enjoyed working with the Personal trainers and sales people at the gym it was a really fun and great learning experience. It was very interesting to see what happens behind the scenes. I learnt many new things about body health and fitness. I definitely see this as a job for me in the future.”

Carlo Garcia
Good Life Health Club

“Work experience was a fantastic experience. I was able to learn more about ACICIS and their organisation. Although I had to work long hours, time flew by really fast. This opportunity has allowed me to think about future jobs later on in life.”

Gloria Kennedy
Australian Consortium for ‘In-Country’ Indonesian Studies

“Working at Jetts Gym was a very good experience. I enjoyed my time working as a personal trainer so much that I hope I can accomplish being one in the future. My employers gave me useful advice and I’m grateful for their kindness and hospitality.”

Tanaya Hodgson
Jetts Fitness

“My name is Nelson Nieuwkerk and for my year 10 work experience I worked at YWAM (Youth With A Mission) alongside Wayne Nanguromo and Matvey Solovev. Work started at 8:30 and ended at 5:30, and because it was located in Claisebrook, I was able to catch the train to and from work. Youth With A Mission is a an organisation which is committed to spreading God’s word through evangelism, training and mercy ministries. I was given a general experience of most of what happens at YWAM and what it is about. It is non-profit, so some activities I was involved included stripping aluminium and copper as well as helping out in the kitchen. We were also sent out on ARMS cases to help people in need in Perth. This included helping clean peoples houses and building a relationship with them. On the last day we went out into Perth City and read the Bible in the area, as well as talking to the people about life and God. I really enjoyed my visit to YWAM as everyone there was so kind and hospitable, and I definitely want to go back there later in life.”

Nelson Nieuwkerk
YWAM Perth

“During work experience I got the opportunity to go to Hycon Hydraulic Systems where I saw, and was involved in, the process of stripping, lapping, rebuilding and testing of hydraulic pumps. It was a week of hard work that showed me that whatever I do I should honour God by doing my best work.”

Joshua Ossevoort
Hycon Hydraulic Systems

“This year for Work Experience I worked at a workplace called Clean Industry Environmental Solutions. Throughout the week of work experience, I became comfortable around the workplace and with my workmates even though the first day I was quite nervous to be in a different environment. Every job, even cleaning up, I found was extremely fun and I was sad when the week came to an end. One of the highlights of my work experience was being able to fix and take things apart and getting my hands dirty. Clean Industry provides cleaning services mainly through their sweep trucks and my main job was to replace any parts needed and provide maintenance on the trucks. The week was very enjoyable and I recommend that any students wanting to work in this area of mechanical engineering to work at Clean Industry.”

Ethan Roberts
Clean Industry Environmental Solutions

“I did my work experience at YWAM ( Youth with a Mission). YWAM is a non-profit Christian mission organization. The YWAM branch I went to do my work experience at was located in East Perth. My experience at YWAM has left me with a broader knowledge of God and what I may want, or not want, to do in the future. During my experience at YWAM I completed many different tasks. Some of them consisted of helping in the kitchen, setting up tables, putting addresses on magazines, ARMS (Australian Relief and Mercy Services) and evangelism. The part of work experience I found most enjoyable was ARMS. Helping out families in need gave me the experience of realizing how blessed most of us are and that there are plenty of families who are need in of help, spiritually and physically. If I had the opportunity to visit YWAM again, I would take it and I recommend future students who are yet to do work experience to go to YWAM!”

Wayne Nanguromo 
YWAM Perth

“My work experience was very enjoyable and it taught me a lot of things, like the area of where shop items were manufactured and what the supplier does to ensure the shop owners are getting the right things at the right time. I learnt so many things, like how to collect the money when the cash register was running low. The cash register was actually more complicated but after a few trial and errors I got the hang of it. Honestly overall, working at ‘Sub Sahara’ was the best experience so far.”

Shamilah Riziki

“I really enjoyed Work Experience. As I tended the gardens at Rehoboth Christian College, unscrewed the screws and put them back in, it really felt like I was doing a job. Though it was a bit tedious it was nice to gain experience working as an adult. And it was fun doing a hands-on job.”

Alex Williams

“I loved doing work experience with the people from Thrifty Car Rentals. My highlights this week were that my IT teachers gave me a lot of good information about computers and technology. We went and helped workers throughout the building. I set a Godly example in my behaviour to those who I don’t know, and showed them kindness – always having a smile wherever I went in the workplace. Being a Christian in the workplace is great. Just seeing how many different people are out there and knowing we have to respect them. It’s good learning from someone who is older than you. Whatever I do, I always remember the verse in the Bible, which is Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me!”

Theo Kurnadi
Thrifty Car Rentals (IT Department)

“My work experience, although short, was enjoyable. The staff and team at Canningvale Daycare are really lovely people, easy to get along with, but I realise now I do not want to work in child-care or with children.”

Esther Musulin

“I worked at Murdoch Medical Centre, and it was interesting to see how the doctors dealt with the patients. From Work Experience one thing I learnt was that it was quite stressful. There weren’t many challenges for me personally, but I believe that for the doctors some patients may have been challenging.”

Moses Budiman

“During the past week, I worked at WA Limestone in the heavy diesel mechanic workshop. It was located in Fremantle. During this experience I obtained some personal skills such as; respect for the employees & your boss, doing tasks at a given time, but the most important WHS rule was to always keep your glasses on at all times. However I had a great time working there and I learnt what skills and education would be required for the course. I usually shared this with my parents and updated them everyday.”

Abel Mwale
WA Limestone

“I worked at JB HiFi and it was a great experience to work with people I didn’t know at all. The work I did was really fun and I would do it again if I had the chance. It was nice meeting new people from different schools. I learnt new skills like putting a price tag on a DVD quickly. I learnt how to talk to customers and now that I’ve learnt it, I could talk to any stranger.”

Sam Taknan
JB Hi-Fi Carousel

“For my Work Experience I was blessed with the opportunity of working here at Rehoboth Christian College as a Pre-Primary Teacher Assistant. It might not seem very special or exciting, but I was given a beautiful class to work with and even better teachers! One of the highlights would have been doing my own activity with all 28 children. I created a craft for them to do and they did it wonderfully! I’m thankful that I got this opportunity to work in a workplace that I’m interested in.”

Olivia Pleysier

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