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Affirming the Love of Literature

Applecross excursion

Recently Mrs Gwynne’s Year 12 Literature class ventured to Applecross SHS for a workshop with Mrs Lake, a former chief marker of Literature. She spoke to our students about the process of the exam, giving useful tips for achieving well, and worked through some poetry with the group.

The visit was both affirming and encouraging. Students became more aware of the depth of their own knowledge and abilities, whilst being challenged to read more, learn more and write more. A particular delight was being able to analyse a poem written by Mrs Lake. Whilst making our own readings of the poem, it was wonderful to hear first hand what the poet originally intended, giving insight into the use of conventions to create particular readings. Mrs Lake also gave us some templates to use while revising.

The Applecross campus seemed most luxurious and grand to our students, but we all agreed that there’s no place like home, and we affirmed that Rehoboth is where we love to be.

Congratulations to…

Past Year 12 Literature student, Jayden de Jongh, earned excellent results in last year’s WACE Literature exam. One of the three essays he wrote was chosen to be included in the publication Good Answers 2016, as an exemplar of a well-written essay. In his essay he discussed the representation of education as explored in the two novels we studied in class: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy. Students in the future will be reading Jayden’s essay, discussing its merits, and copying many of its aspects.
Congratulations, Jayden.

Mrs Gwynne

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