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ACC South Eastern Basketball Competition

After a very close game, I am delighted to report that Rehoboth defeated Dale Christian College 49:48 to win the ACC South Eastern Associated Schools Basketball Competition.

As such, Rehoboth will progress to a Champion Schools knockout competition and will host Clontarf College in the next few weeks.

Dale led the match for near-on its entirety, with the Rehoboth boys sticking close and not letting them out of their reach. In the last few minutes, some big defensive rebounding efforts rewarded the team to be level at 48:48 with a minute to go.

Victor Komaiya was fouled attempting a shot and went to the line to shoot two free throws. He converted one to put Rehoboth in front by a point with 30 seconds to go. As Dale gathered possession and looked to mount their last attempt, a massive intercept from Victor regained possession and held the ball for the win!

Huge congrats go to Victor Komaiya, Jairus Magsaysay, Sam Badiashile, Shani Joyi, Bernard Moyo, Ify Okiwelu, Brody Blennehassett (injured) and great coaching from Jamison Fourie and Mr Butson!

Thanks all for your support and encouragement of the boys and their endeavours. They played well with perseverance, tenacity and good sportsmanship.

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