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ACC Cross Country Carnival 2022

In the end, it’s not the results that will stay but rather the way students glorified God with their gifts and abilities and used sportsmanship to show love and encouragement to each other.

ACC Cross Country – this is the best of the best, the elite of the elite.

With the average of 300 people in each race, this pushed Rehoboth’s students to their best. Did they do their best? Yes, they did. It was exciting to watch Rehoboth’s athletes run right through to the end.

The day started off with changes made the previous day in regard to bus travel, meaning everyone was required to arrive at 8am at school.

Once arriving at Perry Lakes, we set up the gazebos (and later the camping chairs), and then it was time for the Year 7s to head over to their very first ACC event. While it was daunting, there was also bubbly excitement mixed with nerves. The rest of the day followed on with Year 8-12s running consecutively after this. 

The Year 7-9s ran 3km (boys and girls) and the Year 10-12s ran 4km (boys and girls).

The weather seemed to have a fit throughout the day, starting off with the gazebos really getting some use in the rain, changing later in the day to sunscreen-needing-to-be-applied type of weather. 

Here are some comments from some of the athletes who took part in the carnival:

Here is the link to the results – ACC Cross Country (

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