ACC Cross Country 2018

Rehoboth’s second season in the ACC continued earlier this year with the Interschool Cross Country Competition at Perry Lakes Reserve. Unfortunately for our Year 12 students, they couldn’t take part due to exams, but nevertheless we were able to send a team of sixty Year 7-11 students to this competition. It was the last day of autumn, actually scratch that, more like the first day of winter – stormy and rainy, but worst of all wind and more wind. Some schools are still searching for their tents!

On the day 72 of the 84 ACC schools entered the competition, which would give us more than 6,500 athletes participating in Cross Country, where all the girls had to run a 3km course and boys a 4km course.

Kayla Bongers was a highlight in the U14 and U15 Girl’s division, coming in with a time of 00:11:58.23, which placed her in position 94 for the 3km run (therefore under 4min/km) – well done Kayla! In fact, Rehoboth had two girls who could run in under 4min/km!

Tori Moss also did really well in the U15 Girls division with a time of 00:11:58.70, therefore 3:59 min/km These were the fastest two girls of all the Rehoboth girls on the day, well done.

In the U13 Boys division Seth Povey competed with a time of 00:16:14.79, which placed him in 66th position for the 4km run, meaning he ran under 4min/km – well done Seth! In fact, Rehoboth had 12 boys who ran in under 4min/km!

Matthew Catterall also did really well in the open division with a time of 00:14:40.63 (= 3:13 min/km) which made him the fastest of Rehoboth boys on the day, well done.

Individual Boys Results 4km

NAMETIME (min:sec)PACE (min/km)
Matthew Catterall14:40.633:13
Shani Joyi15:10.393:15
Jayden Moss16:02.243:19
AJ Pretorius16:12.243:28
Seth Povey16:14.793:17
Brody Blennerhassett16:56.983:25
Samuel Badiashile16:59.033:35
Marcus Olde17:27.463:38
Ethan Douglas17:29.403:24
Jason Anggadjaja17:36.723:33
Carlu Martens17:43.803:48
Wil Stieler18:19.353:35
Jordan Tuffin18:47.814:01
Joshua Chai19:03.513:53
Caleb Scott19:11.904:00
Toby de Bruyn19:42.254:08
Diego Riffo-Vera19:57.604:07
Zac Blennerhassett19:58.744:18
Chris Holmes20:03.714:10
Jake Thygesen20:24.064:30
Daniel Yong21:31.054:22
Benjamin Witcombe21:47.004:35
Samuel Sillah21:59.044:41
Christo Wesseloo21:59.814:43

Individual Girls Results 3km

NAMETIME (min:sec)PACE (min/km)
Kayla Bongers11:58.233:59
Tori Moss11:58.703:59
Ellyssa Klomp13:35.704:31
Sally Mutton13:41.454:33
Ruth Bronkhurst14:09.274:43
Rachel Rowbottom14:17.784:45
Tamika Klomp14:22.864:47
Hayley Kuilenburg14:24.984:48
Hannah Beaney14:30.704:50
Avery Wrener14:32.274:50
Kate Wrener15:05.285:01
Holly Young15:15.535:05
Heidi Murphy15:43.065:14
Emily Bronkhurst16:56.795:38
Tiani Klomp17:04.735:41
Sarah Naylor17:17.875:45
Nikita Strickling17:19.085:46
Georgie Strickling17:22.645:47
Rabecca Hulston17:56.565:58
Mikayla Douglas19:32.066:30
Lauren Murfit19:48.026:36
Julia Youn21:49.507:16


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